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I recently purchased L.A Noire through Amazon and received it release day.

Generally to review games people rate them on graphics, sound etc but I will give you the executive summary with the cool and fun aspects of the game, NO spoilers.

L.A Noire is a different genre of game, I would almost classify it as a entertainment/film and action game. My roomate and myself find it fun to play it in a team and figure out clues, decisions and the interview format of the game. A lot of the game seems like Rockstar’s previous with cut scene action and driving and shooting but it is much more linear in motion then Read Dead Redemption of GTA IV. One thing is clear, they made the game different for a reason. The cases themselves still have a very open element of choice though. Overall I would recommend renting L.A Noire first in order to see if this style of gameplay is for you, then purchase it.

Cool stuff:
-Solid achievement list
-Great crime scenes and challenging interviews
-Different crime types
-Perfect scenery and historical perspective


With the holidays right around the corner many people have to shop for the gamer in their family or circle of friends, but what to get them that will surprise and make them excited?

Here are three gifts that will please any gamer:

1. Xbox Live Subscription/points , Wii points or Playstation Network Card

Every gamer needs to stay online and well supplied with extra content or mini games. With many users watching video rentals and downloading extra content there is no easier way to allow your gamer to find what they like without the whole “gift card” giving fiasco.

2. Controllers and Remotes

New controllers for a console gamer are important as well as batteries for them. A DVD or Blu-ray remote for Xbox and Playstation consoles offers the gamer a new toy to use. Racing gamers also love steering wheels for their games.

3. Gamer Lifestyle Gifts

If your not really sure what accesories and game library the gamer has have no fear!

Almost all gamers need some of the following:

  • Energy drink of choice (red bull, monster etc.)
  • Batteries or battery packs
  • Theater candy boxes
  • New DVD or Blu-Ray movies
  • Screen Cloth and cleaner

Some other gift ideas for the techy in your life can be found on this really fun site:

Many gamers use wireless internet so upgrading their router to a new router will help with not only gaming but their other media use including laptops, printers, streaming video and digital cameras. I would recommend one of the following:

1. DLink 655 Wireless N router:

2.Buffalo Technology Nfiniti Wifi-N :

Alright folks with Call of duty black ops right around the corner it is obvious a lot of leaked info and just general info is out in full swing, and quite honestly overwhelming. What should I read? What to watch. Well besides Gamespot’s new video below, I will highlight the many exciting things coming up in the new Call of Duty.

Lets start with perks and upgrades: The main theme here is that you now purchase with currency rather then leveling up, this will allow people to really get into something they like early on in the game without the disadvantage of those players who really have unlimited time to level up! Perks are back and will consist of the same purchase system but a player must complete challenges in order to unlock the Pro level of perks. A nice add on by Treyarch.

Weapons will be very historical in nature and militant accurate with each region in the story modes and the multiplayer will offer equally good selection.

For more Call of duty coverage watch below, the video is an hour long but will certainly tour you on two main maps for online gaming and highlight some of the new game types. Enjoy!

A side note about Pre-Orders, i pre-ordered from Amazon and received a $20 promo credit toward another game, which is a pretty good deal if you can handle not having it at the midnight release parties etc.

For some reason WordPress won’t allow me to link so you will all have to copy paste the link. Sorry

Alright with the release of each game approaching (Call of duty Nov 9th 2010 and Medal of honor Oct 12th 2010) many gamers are going to compare the two and possibly decide to purchase just one, or maybe two dependent on ones taste. At any rate many of us will be debating which one is the best for us. I wanted to take an overview type look into both games to help decide for myself and others. I will review each game on the following criteria and rate on a scale of 1-10,(1 being terrible 10 being perfection).
The criteria:
Value, Story Line, Multiplayer, Variety, Content (current an future)

First Up:Medal of Honor will be released on:
XBOX 360, PS3, PC
Release date: October 12th 2010
Value (7): With EA being out the market for a while besides Battlefield Bad company it will be debatable how well the overall game will perform. The game was created using real soldiers and specialists to make the game play realistic so single player will certainly be a strong play through. Multiplayer seems to be a mix of battlefield with some elements of modern warfare 2 thrown in. The Beta that was tested this summer will certainly fix many bugs and problems and hopefully make the release smoother.

Story Line (7): With MOH being based in the middle east and current conflict period it makes it harder to compare with COD Black ops but non the less the storyline will be a much more historical like story compared to modern warfare’s more fictional setting.

Multiplayer (5): With many players of the beta commenting on the game being to similar to modern warfare 2 it could risk being a bit repetitive of battlefield bad company as well. It should be safe to say that EA’s anti-cheater technology is more advanced and well tested compared to that of previous FPS.

Variety & Content (6): Medal of honor brings some new themes to the table and certainly a different look on the first person shooter front but really lacks any defining and unique characteristics, time will tell how much content is released and the quality but with EA’s record it could be spotty on varying consoles.

Call of Duty will be released on:
XBOX 360, PS3, Wii, DS & PC
Release date: November 9th 2010
Value (9): With the call of duty franchise introducing more coop like features into the game it truly adds value to a player that enjoys keeping a game in their collection. With the storyline being speculated as a bit longer then modern warfare gamers can look forward to more to do and see versus other past FPS’.

Story Line (6): The storyline will be a new “time period” for call of duty, the lack of historical accuracy and general fiction may take away from the game play for some fans but will add new elements into a solid graphic filled game.

Multiplayer (8): Call of duty has always had initially strong multiplayers, with the new currency system and customization taking some cues from Halo will certainly delight a new set of fans and allow advanced players to make the game there own, by far one of the most “sought” after features of this game. Players will have to see how fair and fun the gameplay becomes.

Variety & Content (7): New content, new customization and new maps have all been announced or speculated by industry experts and fans. This certainly will hold a new type of gameplay that older Call of duty and halo like games haven’t seen yet.

Overall: My personal opinion after reviewing the games is that I will pre-order Call of Duty Black Ops and most likely rent Medal Of Honor. With EA having a solid hit with Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 I believe they have tried out and found what gamers enjoy for a future hit, I just don’t know if it will hold value for players better then the more quickly declining BF’s. Call of duty will have a solid storyline and coop will be fun but at the same time I worry about the multiplayer turning into a cheating fest and players overusing certain weaponry and perks.

Time will tell about each, feel free to share your thoughts in a constructive manner!

Excitement is growing for the new release of Fallout New Vegas coming October 19th.

However before you play and spend $60 on the new Fallout, make sure to practice or enjoy an older game by the same developer. Fallout 3 has been a fan favorite for quite sometime (including myself), you can purchase a used copy for around $20-25 and currently through October Microsoft has the downloadable content 50% off. This will allow gamers to really enjoy the old Fallout to it’s fullest!