Getting Prepared for New Fallout

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Gaming
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Excitement is growing for the new release of Fallout New Vegas coming October 19th.

However before you play and spend $60 on the new Fallout, make sure to practice or enjoy an older game by the same developer. Fallout 3 has been a fan favorite for quite sometime (including myself), you can purchase a used copy for around $20-25 and currently through October Microsoft has the downloadable content 50% off. This will allow gamers to really enjoy the old Fallout to it’s fullest!

  1. thesocratesofsnails says:

    Vegas is probably the only game I’m going to try to save up enough to buy. I just hope it’s as good as 3. No, if it’s even 3/4 as good as 3, I’ll be satisfied. Or even 2/3.

  2. toby16custom says:

    I am pretty excited for it, I had it pre-ordered on Amazon as soon as it was announced

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