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Alright so most of us gamers have certainly gotten the 19.99 walmart box special from the relatives before, it’s that game that everyone had two years ago or has no interest at all in.

The question then becomes after i return this what should I buy, first and foremost buy groceries like red bull and pizza. But if your good on all that stuff here are some recommendations:

1. Play and charge kits- gotta have for anyone who games over thirty minutes a day.

2. New dvd or blu-ray, expand your media library beside games and grab a new flick

3. Interior decoration: movie posters, new pillows or a sick looking book shelf from Ikea are a good idea to spiff up the bachelor pad

4. Air freshners- need I say more?

5. Used games from amazon or local store



With the holidays right around the corner many people have to shop for the gamer in their family or circle of friends, but what to get them that will surprise and make them excited?

Here are three gifts that will please any gamer:

1. Xbox Live Subscription/points , Wii points or Playstation Network Card

Every gamer needs to stay online and well supplied with extra content or mini games. With many users watching video rentals and downloading extra content there is no easier way to allow your gamer to find what they like without the whole “gift card” giving fiasco.

2. Controllers and Remotes

New controllers for a console gamer are important as well as batteries for them. A DVD or Blu-ray remote for Xbox and Playstation consoles offers the gamer a new toy to use. Racing gamers also love steering wheels for their games.

3. Gamer Lifestyle Gifts

If your not really sure what accesories and game library the gamer has have no fear!

Almost all gamers need some of the following:

  • Energy drink of choice (red bull, monster etc.)
  • Batteries or battery packs
  • Theater candy boxes
  • New DVD or Blu-Ray movies
  • Screen Cloth and cleaner

Some other gift ideas for the techy in your life can be found on this really fun site:

Many gamers use wireless internet so upgrading their router to a new router will help with not only gaming but their other media use including laptops, printers, streaming video and digital cameras. I would recommend one of the following:

1. DLink 655 Wireless N router:

2.Buffalo Technology Nfiniti Wifi-N :

Alright with black friday right around the corner many parents and gamers alike are trying to find the best deals for whatever games, consoles or accessories they want to purchase. Here is a quick guide to some hot deals coming up in black friday ads, the info is from printed ad copies I have obtained from various sources online and from employees.

This black friday is not spectacular for deals but when combined with credit card rewards and other promotions could be a bit better for a savy consumer.

Console Deals:

$299 160 GB PS3 bundle including Uncharted 2 and Medal of Honor-Walmart

$199.99 – 4GB Console + Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect 2 – Walmart

$199.99 – 4GB Console + Halo Reach – Sears

$199.99 – 4GB Console + $50 GC + $10 GC – Target

Game Deals:


$38.49 – Fallout New Vegas – GoHastings

$16.99 – Splintercell – Best Buy

$35 – Fable III – Target

Accessories Deals:

$29.99 – Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Toys R Us ( This item Friday 5am – 1pm only)

40% off – Video game storage solutions – Toys R Us (360/ps3 controller holders, guitar holders, shelves etc.)

And for those gamers looking for a deal on new tv’s this slickdeals thread should highlight all the necessary info to help you choose your pixel/$ value (haha)

Another handy tool to use is a pricetracker for many items you are considering purchase of, especially larger items. Simply search for a price tracker and find which works best for you. I have the best of luck using Bing to find products and then pricetrackers.

Enjoy black friday and I will post some cyber monday deals when more news gets leaked!

Best Buy #281 - The Night Before 'Black Friday'