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Alright folks with Call of duty black ops right around the corner it is obvious a lot of leaked info and just general info is out in full swing, and quite honestly overwhelming. What should I read? What to watch. Well besides Gamespot’s new video below, I will highlight the many exciting things coming up in the new Call of Duty.

Lets start with perks and upgrades: The main theme here is that you now purchase with currency rather then leveling up, this will allow people to really get into something they like early on in the game without the disadvantage of those players who really have unlimited time to level up! Perks are back and will consist of the same purchase system but a player must complete challenges in order to unlock the Pro level of perks. A nice add on by Treyarch.

Weapons will be very historical in nature and militant accurate with each region in the story modes and the multiplayer will offer equally good selection.

For more Call of duty coverage watch below, the video is an hour long but will certainly tour you on two main maps for online gaming and highlight some of the new game types. Enjoy!

A side note about Pre-Orders, i pre-ordered from Amazon and received a $20 promo credit toward another game, which is a pretty good deal if you can handle not having it at the midnight release parties etc.

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With DiRT 2 going on sale on amazon for $15 it brings to mind the new DiRT 3 coming out. No official date has been released but gamers on ps3, xbox 360 and Pc can look forward to some new content:

Codemasters and fellow developing members have added new environments and cars. Additionally the popular DC shoes viral video’s can be recreated by gamers. The new game really wants to bring about the rich history of rally sports and bring some of the older rally vehicles to life in a racing game that will certainly please graphically. Some rumors from various sites say that facebook and the game will some how have options to link and hold game stats for a new type of multiplayer experience. Keep watching out for news on this game and until then try out Forza 2 and 3 along with the classic DiRT and DiRT 2

Dirt 3 ScreenshotSee More Dirt 3 Screenshot at

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