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With many of 2010’s big game titles released it is time to look forward to 2011 and what the studios will bring us.

A promising title is Rockstar Games “L.A. Noire” a game about detectives in Los. Angeles with what will most likely be a free roam like environment such at GTA IV or Red Dead Redemption. The game’s graphics look great and the technology behind the game involves actors and using motion scanning to create smirks and emotions that will add to the games feel.

No mention of multiplayer has been made, overall it seems that the game will be a solid long storyline that will really engross the player in a  James Bond like thriller that is in a 48 hours episode based in the 1940’s. Rockstar has set a release date range in the spring of 2011.



Alright with black friday right around the corner many parents and gamers alike are trying to find the best deals for whatever games, consoles or accessories they want to purchase. Here is a quick guide to some hot deals coming up in black friday ads, the info is from printed ad copies I have obtained from various sources online and from employees.

This black friday is not spectacular for deals but when combined with credit card rewards and other promotions could be a bit better for a savy consumer.

Console Deals:

$299 160 GB PS3 bundle including Uncharted 2 and Medal of Honor-Walmart

$199.99 – 4GB Console + Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect 2 – Walmart

$199.99 – 4GB Console + Halo Reach – Sears

$199.99 – 4GB Console + $50 GC + $10 GC – Target

Game Deals:


$38.49 – Fallout New Vegas – GoHastings

$16.99 – Splintercell – Best Buy

$35 – Fable III – Target

Accessories Deals:

$29.99 – Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Toys R Us ( This item Friday 5am – 1pm only)

40% off – Video game storage solutions – Toys R Us (360/ps3 controller holders, guitar holders, shelves etc.)

And for those gamers looking for a deal on new tv’s this slickdeals thread should highlight all the necessary info to help you choose your pixel/$ value (haha)

Another handy tool to use is a pricetracker for many items you are considering purchase of, especially larger items. Simply search for a price tracker and find which works best for you. I have the best of luck using Bing to find products and then pricetrackers.

Enjoy black friday and I will post some cyber monday deals when more news gets leaked!

Best Buy #281 - The Night Before 'Black Friday'

So with all the new motion gaming coming out after the Nintendo Wii originally stole the spotlight what do you all think the best gaming system for motion control games will be? You can base it off opinion, experience or just cause you have a grudge against a system. As for the holiday’s and my marketing background I think that Kinect will attract the family audience while the Playstation will attract some more Ps3 guru types and become more of a niche product. The success of these devices comes down to what games, past and future, will support some interaction with the new devices. I am hoping to see some shooting games and maybe some rally games for Kinect and some fighting and shooting games on Playstation. Now Vote in the polls section!

Alright folks with Call of duty black ops right around the corner it is obvious a lot of leaked info and just general info is out in full swing, and quite honestly overwhelming. What should I read? What to watch. Well besides Gamespot’s new video below, I will highlight the many exciting things coming up in the new Call of Duty.

Lets start with perks and upgrades: The main theme here is that you now purchase with currency rather then leveling up, this will allow people to really get into something they like early on in the game without the disadvantage of those players who really have unlimited time to level up! Perks are back and will consist of the same purchase system but a player must complete challenges in order to unlock the Pro level of perks. A nice add on by Treyarch.

Weapons will be very historical in nature and militant accurate with each region in the story modes and the multiplayer will offer equally good selection.

For more Call of duty coverage watch below, the video is an hour long but will certainly tour you on two main maps for online gaming and highlight some of the new game types. Enjoy!

A side note about Pre-Orders, i pre-ordered from Amazon and received a $20 promo credit toward another game, which is a pretty good deal if you can handle not having it at the midnight release parties etc.

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