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With Fallout New Vegas’ release in the US yesterday I bought a Red Bull and stayed up fairly late enjoying the vast wasteland. For those of you not familiar with Fallout I encourage you to check out the Fallout website:


Now, the game is definitely similar to Fallout 3 in the way the game works and plays. The storyline starts out a little slow but really picks up once you start to talk to local people and find out their problems and issues. The new underlying theme in the game is the many factions that you can make your Ally or axis. You have a ranking system, from hated to idolized and you really choose how this happens. There are basically three main factions when you start out: New California Republic, Caesar’s Legion, Powder Gangers. The varying characters and animals have a fairly good AI. Many new weapons are also available from some classic guns like a 9mm pistol, varmint rifle and the carry over 10mm pistol from fallout 3. You will start the game with some fairly small weaponery. Scavenge around and you will find weapons and ammo.

Other cool new things in the game:
– Build your own ammo
– Create weapon mods
– build weapons
– Cook up meds or food at campfires

New locations are fairly easy to see from high vantage points but the map is fairly large and open. I am looking forward to exploring outside the beginning areas and seeing what all lies ahead. Advice: Buy this game, have a good block of time to really get into it because it is a lot of fun.