Excitement is growing for the new release of Fallout New Vegas coming October 19th.

However before you play and spend $60 on the new Fallout, make sure to practice or enjoy an older game by the same developer. Fallout 3 has been a fan favorite for quite sometime (including myself), you can purchase a used copy for around $20-25 and currently through October Microsoft has the downloadable content 50% off. This will allow gamers to really enjoy the old Fallout to it’s fullest!


With all the new fall games coming including Fallout New Vegas, Call of Duty Black Ops and Medal Of Honor to name a few, it’s easy to over look winter expansions for current games. One new expansion coming this winter is Battlefield Vietnam for Battlefield Bad Company 2, so hold on to your copies so you can enjoy 4 new maps with vietnam era weaponry, and tactics.

I have personally been using swag bucks for about 2 years now to get amazon gift cards so I can buy cell phone¬†accessories¬†and new xbox games. You just search the web like you would on Bing.com or Google and you earn things called swagbucks. They won’t spam your inbox which is also very nice

Search & Win

Cool way to find reviews on products when I am not reviewing what you want!

Good Day Ladies and Gents

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today I started this blog to increase my awareness of online media for a class I am taking, I will continue up keep a couple times a week on this blog and hope to make it fairly creative overall. Thanks for reading!